Cosmetic Products

Skin Care

Perfumed Petroleum Jelly

Gets absorbed in your skin easily, replenishes the essential oils avoiding winter dry lines keeping your skin beautiful and glowing.

Crack Heal

Nothing works better for your cracked feet. fast to soothe, smoothens and rehydrates the skin. For treatment of dry skin, disorders such as cracked heels, chapped hands, fissures, chilblains, hyperkeratosis etc. An Ayurvedic proprietary medicine.


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Herbal Face Wash

Our efficient and energizing face wash thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil and impurities to make your skin soft, clear and glowing all day every day. With neem extracts to ensure antiseptic protection.

Moisturising Body Lotion

With 4 in 1 effect it acts as a sunscreen with UV protection vitamin E & beauty oils Aloevera antiseptic antioxidants it nourishes your skin and restores its delicate moisture balance leaving it soft and supple.100% value for money assured. Comes with a warrantee of not satisfied return stating the nature of complaint and collect a full refund.

White Petroleum Jelly I.P.

One of the oldest and the most popular product of the family Bioline white petroleum jelly it is your one stop first aid kit for minor burns, cuts scrapes rough hands, sun burns, chapped skin and lips. Available in 8gms, 20gms, 40gms, 100gms, 400gms, 900gms and 14kg tin packing.

Hair Care

Herbal Anti Dandruf Hair Oil

Dude & Dame Antidandruff hair oil contains natural and fungal agents viz, neem and tree tea oil which helps in fighting dandruff. It also can be used every day for dandruff free scalp and of course long and strong hair.


Original Rajasthani mehendi for your hair and skin. No artificial color/dyes added 100% pure mehandi. Shortly introducing mehandi cones.

Color Cosmetics

Nail Colour Remover

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Eye & Lip Liner

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Liquid Eye Liner

Elegant, sexy and sophisticated, dame liquid eyeliner allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision. Dries quickly and lasts all day making you satisfy your color lust.

Nail Colors

Beauty you see, beauty you feel, beauty you know, beauty that works. The biggest accessory any girl wants, Dame nail colours, in many vibrant shades. So what's your color today?


Colour + texture that lasts all day, helps cover your lips in lush shimmering colour and shines for long hours, with no touch ups needed. Makes you stand out on the runway. Simmers on the street. Available in outrageously vivid colours with beautiful packaging that oozes sophistication.50 shades to choose from.


Kajal considered to be a womans best friend,coz it beautifies the eyes instantly,while lighting up the face.Besides that it is also considered to be a coolant for the eyes.Dame kajal is available in 2 sizes 3gms economy pack and 4.6gms in an designer pack

Lip Gloss

Dame Lip gloss - Silky, sexy... brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer colour and intense moisture with light reflecting spheres to create amazing shine, available in vibrant, on trend shades. 13 shades to match any of your moods.



Teases your sensuality, plays with your flirty nature and complements your lively way of life with its perfume that is a smart investment. Awakening your tired senses and giving you that confidence to greet a whole new day, this perfume lends sophistication that suits the different facets of a man's persona.


Cover yourself in the sensual scent of a walk by Dame Enchant. Since its introduction, women everywhere-and the men around them-have enjoyed the cool scent of Dame. Dame Enchant combines fruit and flower to create a fantastic fragrance perfect for use throughout the day. Liberally apply to your neck or arms and feel prepared to confidently face any challenges throughout the day.


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