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Get a jump start to your day with Glucomin D, the simplest form of glucose energy which is absorbed by the body instantly and continues to give you non stop energy. It is constant source of energy as and when our body tires due to physical or mental exertion Glucomin instantly energizes and nourishes. Glucomin is also recommended during sickness, maternity cases and convalescence. It can be enjoyed much with chilled water. Now also available in different flavors like orange, lime and mixed fruit.

Glucomin Energy Pops

A whole new idea to instant energy Glucose now in chewable form. No powder no water just pop in one whenever you feel tired and get rocketed with energy. Available in flavor orange, lime, raspberry and mixed fruits.


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Gluco Energy

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Real Honey

The world's Healthiest food is a wonderful rich golden liquid the miraculous product of honey bees and a naturally delicious alternative to white sugar. Health benefits of honey are awesome! Energize the body, boost immunity, fight bacteria, and promote healing of cuts and burns, remedy sore throats, colds etc